In Debbie’s 25 random things (Facebook), she said the mountains make her feel close to God.  In his sermon today, Eddie said that (almost) everytime God wanted to bring His people close to Him, He called them up to a mountain.  Now that explains a LOT.

When I was 15, my aunt took us on a trip to Colorado (we stayed in a cabin near Estes Park).  Ever since that time, I’ve wanted to be in the mountains.  When we moved to Colorado, it was a dream come true.  It was a sad day for me when we moved away (and I didn’t really even know how much I’d miss the mountains at the time).  When we went to the Grand Canyon a few years ago, my first thought was “Yeah, that’s kinda neat, but the mountains are much more impressive.”  In fact, the Grand Canyon just looked like the mountains upside-down.  Even though I’m a bit cold natured (keep a jacket in the office, and wear it most of the time; long sleeved shirts every day, even in summer), I really do prefer a cold climate.  And as crazy as it sounds, I really didn’t mind shoveling snow.  (Although growing lemons and oranges in my backyard is pretty cool, too.)

So when Debbie and Eddie mentioned God’s relationship to the mountains, I realized that indeed that’s what I feel when I’m in or near the mountains.  God.  So, if you find me sitting on the levee sometime this week, that’s as much of a mountain as I can find around here.


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