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On a visit with a London colleague a few years ago, we were discussing our versions of comfort food.  She told me that bangers and mash were the ultimate comfort food for her.   Last year I visited a British pub in Minneapolis and had the opportunity to sample this British fayre.  Although my friend wasn’t there to authenticate the experience for me, the place was overrun with British influence (including a lawn bowling green on the roof), so I have to believe it was pretty close to the mark.

The problem is now that I know how fantastic that was, I can’t find that sort of sausage around here.  This is, after all, SOUTH Louisiana – boudin and andouille are king.  Who needs a blimey ol’ Cumberland sausage anyway?  I do, thank you very much. 

So last week, I was in the store shopping for something good to fix for supper (I know, “Never shop when you’re hungry.”).  Baked potatoes sounded good.  But what to go with it?  Usually, we have boiled shrimp.  This particular store didn’t have any good shrimp.  Hmmm…wander the aisles, looking for something good.  Oooo – there it is.  Smoked sausage.  I love all kinds of sausage (except that liverwurst I accidentally got hold of once).  That’s it then – baked potatoes and smoked sausage.  It was only after I had it all cooked and sat down to eat that I realized I was having “bangers and mash, American style.”  And a good substitute it was.  Even without peas and gravy.  This is now my new favorite comfort food.

 A cold, rainy winter night calls for something that makes it worthwhile being home.  So what’s yours?


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2 responses to “American style

  • Debbie

    Not sure what mine is, but it does not include sausage. It is these little differences that keep our marriage interesting.

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