Vanilla Flavored

neopolitan1How can it be that two people can produce four children with four distinctly different personalities? I don’t know, but I know it’s great fun to watch them blossom. One who will sleep at least 12 hours a day if possible, one who will voluntarily get up at 5:00 a.m., one who cannot be dragged out of bed with a tow truck, and one who just flows along (usually) happy to do whatever makes you happy. Everybody loves chocolate. Oh wait, not everybody. Mikayla has reminded me of a tip I read once about living with teens – stop and taste the vanilla. It really is a flavor. Whoever coined the term “plain vanilla” was mistaken – and it is worth stopping to taste it. Savor what you think are the ordinary moments.

P.S. How come the vanilla is always in the middle? Can’t we have a chocolate-strawberry combo? Not only would that be tasty, it would also let you get a bite of pure, unadulterated, flavorful vanilla.


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