LTC Updates

Our LTC participants have been hard at work, and you can see the fruits of their labors at (this is the web page created by Jack and Patrick as their internet entry).  There are also some videos, artwork, and photography at (I still have some art and photos to post, check back in the next day or two).

Puppet practice starts soon, chorus practice (high school and middle school) is in full swing – lots of stuff is happening.  Jan and Debbie are busily making it all work “behind the scenes” – without them, this wouldn’t be much of a program.  Their efforts are really showing great fruits in our kids.  At the Keenager’s valentine banquet Sunday night, there were bunch of kids serving desserts, five different boys reading scripture, leading songs and prayers, reading poetry, delivering a devotional, and about 6 kids singing as a chorus – WOW!  I didn’t do any that stuff until I was at least in high school, and some of these kids are only in 4th grade.  God is doing some awesome work getting His next generation of leaders ready.


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