I don’t usually think of myself as envious.  Then again, who does want to lump themselves in with murderers, thieves, adulterers, and greedy, deceitful slanderers?  (Mark 7:21-23).  But I am.  I see people who appear to “have it all together.”  They appear to have control of their time, and use it wisely, they have perfectly behaved, respectful children, or maybe they appear to have limitless energy and drive to work and are absolutely selfless.  Or, the ones that usually get me personally, they seem to have remembered everything they’ve ever read or heard, and have apparently read and heard a LOT.  It appears that they have been blessed with some gifts I wish I had.

I have recently been reminded, by one of those people I (formerly) envied, that not only are they gifted, but so am I.  I don’t exactly know what my gift is, but I do know that God has blessed me.  And in ways that I not only cannot count, but in ways that I do not know.  God tells me in Psalm 139 that I am handcrafted – by Him.  One of a kind.  Not only that, He made me for a purpose.  Even if it doesn’t appear to me that I’m particularly gifted with any special talent – like playing guitar or doing brain surgery – I am encouraged to know that He knows what my gifts are and He will show me how to use them.


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