A L-o-n-g Week

Last Wednesday, Alyssa began feeling some abdominal pain. She got an appointment with the doctor on Friday, and the doctor sent her straight to the emergency room for an appendectomy. The surgeon at the ER wanted a CT scan first to confirm the diganosis. The CT scan was “negative” (why is it that “negative” medical tests are good??), but blood tests showed a urinary tract infection (UTI). That resulted in a prescription for IV antibiotics and her very own private hospital room.

Getting a room at the hospital, on a weekend, is not recommended. Your regular doctor will not be on call, and no one seems to want to make decisions on the weekend. The upside is that fewer people are at work, and you’ll probably get more visitors. So nothing happened Saturday, but Sunday her doctor did come by. She insisted this was appendicitis, and asked the surgeon to come back for another evaluation – which he did on Monday. But, the surgeon and the admitting pediatrician felt this was a UTI, and sent her home with antibiotics, and instructions to see her family doctor in a couple of days. (The pain never went away, but never got worse, either.)

She went back to the family doctor today. And guess where the family doctor sent us?? To a new surgeon. And he said “take it out. Now.” That was at 4:00, and by 6:30 she was under the knife, and minus a healthy appendix. The surgeon said the appendix did, in fact, look fine, but took it out anyway. And every other visible organ/system in the vicinity looked good too. Sometimes the lab will examine the offending organ and report back that it was appendicitis when it didn’t appear to be, but that remains to be seen. For now, she’s recovering and should be home tomorrow morning (thank you all for your prayers – once again, they were answered).

Just in time to schedule make-up dates for the mid-term exams she missed while laying around in the sick bed.


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3 responses to “A L-o-n-g Week

  • Bonnie Anderson

    I can verify the weekend hospital thing. Jordan was born on a Sunday morning and there were not enough staff working to make up a room for me so they sent me back to the labor room for the day…as a result, all of those free people who came to visit couldn’t find me…including my husband who flew in from offshore 😦

    So glad that the surgery went well and I pray that she has no more pain and can do well on all of those mid-terms…and that mom and dad can now relax and get some sleep.

  • Robin

    Glad to hear that everything worked out! Hey, at least she never has to worry about appendicitis!

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