Did I miss something?

Sunday evening I was listening to this piece on Bob Edwards Weekend, and heard one of the guests (Joel Berger) make the statement “We are all born with original bias, just like the Bible says.”  Really?  The Bible says that?  I’m not a Bible scholar, but I have read it and I’m wondering:

1) Did I miss that line in the Bible (certainly possible; I’m always finding “new” gems in there)?  I know some religious traditions hold to the concept of original sin, but original bias?

2) Is this one of those times where someone thinks there’s a line in the Bible that isn’t there (like “cleanliness is next to godliness”)?

3) Most disturbingly…has the concept of sin been softened to bias, so as to avoid offending the people who don’t want to be called sinners?  We all know we are biased, right?  But who wants to admit to being a sinner?  (Give it up; we all are – Romans 3:23.)  Or maybe some people have decided that “sin” really isn’t a comfortable concept, in that there is no right and wrong (relativism), so we really need a different word.  Maybe we can replace “sin” with “bias” and make everybody feel good.

Just guessing here.  But, I’m puzzled about where such a comment could have come from.  A quick Google and Yahoo! search didn’t turn up any answers (except a lame YouTube video that didn’t help much).


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