Yesterday I made my annual trek to Monroe to be a guest lecturer for the Industrial Hygiene class (as part of the Toxicology program).  My lecture is about why a toxicology degree is a perfect intro to the field of industrial hygiene, and why this is such a cool career to pursue.  I always wonder how this thing comes off to these students.

Two realizations (milestones?) came from yesterday’s lecture.

1) When the course instructor introduced me, he told the students I graduated from the same program in 1985, and there were gasps in the room.  It was then I realized how old they think I am – I graduated before they were born.  Good grief – they must truly think I am as out of touch as anyone can be. 

2) Maybe not – because this morning I have an email from a guy who was in last years class, and whose brother was in yesterday’s class.  He is now an industrial hygienist with a consulting firm in Baton Rouge and getting ready to enroll in Tulane’s graduate program, and he’s asking me about joining the local section of the American Industrial Hygiene Association.

So there you go – just in case I thought driving to Monroe and back in a day was hardly worth it – I have confirmation.  It’s worth it.


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