1000 Word Essay

A History of Coke?

A History of Coke?

While working with Whitney on her 4-H photogrpahy project, we played around with some of the soda bottles in my small collection.  From the rear, these are oldest-to-newest.  But, there’s an imposter in the crowd.  Can you spot him?


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3 responses to “1000 Word Essay

  • Dee Andrews

    My guess for the imposter (why is spell check telling me I’m spelling “imposter” incorrectly”?!) is that it is the third one from the left. Shorter, not the same shape. Looks a bit like depression glass, actually.

    Well?! Did I win?!


  • Joe

    Right bottle, wrong reason. The third one from the left is a reproduction – all the rest are originals. All of them are Coca-Cola bottles (I have quite a few other “soda” bottles). Not sure how old the oldest one is (the one to the far left), but it says “Stamps Ice and Fuel Co., Stamps, AR.” (Not certain it’s a Coca-Cola bottle.) The second one from the left says “SODA WATER, Property of Coca-Cola Bottling Company, Monroe, LA.”

  • Joe

    P.S. – yes, you win. By default 🙂 Does this mean I have to think of a prize to award?

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