The Power of a Positive Message

According to a story on the Marketplace Morning Report, $70 billion of the “spendulous” package will be spent on “green initiatives.” Haim Mano, a professor of marketing at the University of Missouri talked about their efforts to get people to become part of the “converted” in the move towards environmentally friendly efforts.

Using negative messages can have sometimes a very negative effect on us.  For example, if we see any message that invokes notions of fear, very often many of us will completely ignore that message.

This whole story reminded me of hearing “fire and brimstone” sermons, and how they drove a fear response that really didn’t do much for making my discipleship very strong.  Only after I started on a steady diet of love and grace did I really begin to understand what it means to long for a relationship with Christ – not just a ticket out of hell.  Sonya Prince once told Debbie that she was just weary from running away from Satan, and found it much more comforting, satisfying, and a lot less effort to stay close to Christ.

We might win a few souls with fire and brimstone, but probably not many.  Focus on the positive message of love as you encounter others in your day.  (Remember that thing about catching flies with honey and vinegar?).


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