The Pump Handle publishes a Friday Blog Roundup, where they post links to a bunch of other posts they’ve been reading  over the week.  Here’s my version…

There are a couple of blog posts from others that have been on my mind this week.  A couple of weeks ago I had a watershed moment that could change my outlook on life (if I’ll get out of the way and let God work).  These blog posts have just fueled the fire.

Patrick Mead talks about newcomers to the Rochester church – I suspect this might well be what Jesus had in mind for us to be doing.  This is how you treat people when they come to you.

How do you get them to come to you?  Over at Tentpegs, Patrick talks about that, too – just reach out there and serve them.  No dragging or Bible-beating required.  Just love and serve – and they will come.

And finally, what am I doing here?  There were a couple of posts this week that made me think about why I’m writing all this for the world to see.  Blaine talked about why he stopped blogging and Trey Morgan posted a bit about what makes a good blog.  Good stuff, that.


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One response to “Roundup

  • patrickmead

    Thanks for the shout out. I’ve considered stopping my blogs but… I have a blog church out there and I’d miss them.

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