Spring Rush

Every spring I seem to have a really hectic travel schedule during May and June.  This year it’s April and May.  Even though I won’t be going to the American Industrial Hygiene Conference in Toronto, the next few weeks willl be really busy for me, so I might not be posting much.  But I’ll be back.  After a couple of trips to Alabama, and a week teaching a class at our Geismar plant, I’m going to the Pepperdine Lectures in California – and I’m really looking forward to that (with Sam Peck, Jerry Hines, Pat Peck, and hopefully I’ll see my old friend Joe Burns).  Between now and then, I’ve got a couple of homework assignments from my Project Management class, two final exams to study for and complete (one is a take-home exam – not hard, but time consuming).

We were in Alabama Easter weekend for LTC – and what a GREAT time it was.  From what I could tell, things went a bit smoother with the kids this year, although there were some anxious moments (like when they were supposed to be ready for drama at 12:15, and they were still waiting for pizza in a restaurant 7 blocks away at 12:00).  Lots of gold, silver and bronze medals – and we’ll be giving those out in a couple of weeks.  As much as I was ready for it to be over – I’m getting anxious now about planning for next year.  And hoping to do a better job of actually having (and keeping) a schedule so we don’t have so much last-minute work to do.

Anyway – if you are anxiously waiting to see my next post…don’t give up.  I’ll be back when the “spring rush” is over.


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