Home Again, Home Again

Well, in the home stretch anyway.  And maybe this time I’ll stay home for a couple of weeks.  Maybe…

I’ve just spent most of the week at the Pepperdine Bible Lectures, ran around Southern California with a few friends (Sam and Pat Peck, and Jerry Hines), and picked up some very good spiritual renewal.  And over the next week or two, I might even share some of that here.  Highlights from my week:

  • Being reminded of the need and methods for solitude and sabbath
  • Learning a bit about why atheists are angry
  • Bought a new book (just one) on meditational reading of Revelation.
  • Singing praise to God, and for the first time being able to raise my hands to him in praise (while singing, with other people watching)
  • Hearing well-known, intellectual people talk, and understanding them (because they haven’t let their education get in the way of plain talk) – Rubel Shelley is a fantastic speaker
  • Walking.  LOTS of walking up and down hills and stairs – which is hardly painless at all when you are looking out over the Pacific Ocean from the cliffs of Malibu.
  • Sharing a shuttle ride to the airport with a like-minded health and safety nerd who is also a Christian.  I’m not really a talker, but when the only other person around knows something about the only two subjects I can talk intelligently about, well…what else am I gonna do?
  • Did I mention solitude and sabbath?  I’ll write more later, but if you want all the details, pick up a book by Gary Holloway and Earl Lavender called “Living God’s Love: An Invitation to Christian Spirituality.”  This is one of about 3 books I’d recommend reading other than the Bible (on biblical topics, that is).  $2.00 on Amazon.  What have you got to lose??

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