Gazing Upon Perfection

I know it’s almost June, and that is part of the summer, but isn’t spring supposed to last until June 21st?  One of these days, I might once again live in a place that “obeys the seasons” (anyone know of a good job in Colorado?).  Until then, I’m working to beat the heat – and today is the day we set up the pool in the backyard.  Before going on (another) vacation last week, we re-leveled the spot in the backyard.  Since it has now had time to rain on it, and pack the dirt a bit, we set up the pool – a 16-foot diameter, 5,000 gallon, above-ground money pit.  But the kids love it.

We had a lot of trouble getting it level last year, but it looks like we’ve got it right this time.  As I started filling it with water, I checked each of the support poles with a level to make sure they were standing up straight – once it gets about half full you can’t move the poles, so you have to make sure they are straight before it gets too much water in it.

After getting each pole straight, then making another round to check them, I was tempted to make one more round.  And I realized that I wanted to check them again because I liked looking at the straight, level bubble indicating I had done a (near) perfect job.  And looking at perfection is a beautiful thing.

In Revelation 1:13-16, John describes looking at Jesus, and what it was like to gaze upon perfection.  Moses couldn’t see God directly because God’s glory is too brilliant for anyone to see and live (Exodus 33:20-23).  We don’t have the opportunity to see Jesus or God directly today, but we can gaze upon their perfection – and beauty – by reading the Word regularly and meditating on what it means for us.  And the more often we look at them, and make them part of our daily routine, the easier it gets to act more like them.


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