The Facebook phenomenon of tagging your friends and filling out random lists of personal information has landed on my blog.  I have thought about using my 25 random things about myself from Facebook as blog material – but for now, I’ve been tagged with the following (I was tagged by two friends; does that mean I have to do this twice?):

The Rules:
* List Six Unimportant Things That Make You Happy
* Mention and link to the person who tagged you
* Tag six of your favorite bloggers to play along

1. getting an unsolicited hug from my family (so soft and warm)
2. a good book and a quiet corner
3. a plate full of bangers and mash 
4. “discovering” some new meaning in scripture (maybe that doesn’t qualify as “unimportant” – but it makes me happy)
5. finishing a big project (any project: work-related, painting a room – whatever – just reaching the finish line after a long haul; it’s such a rare thing for me, you know)
6. the sound of crickets at night

I like Jimmy’s assessment that while these may seem “unimportant,” the fact that they make me happy makes them important to me – right?  As for that bit about tagging six of my blogging friends, I don’t think there are six people who read this blog – so if you’re reading this, consider yourself tagged)


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One response to “Tagged

  • thebrauds

    You’re a good sport! I usually ignore it when I am tagged, but figured I would do it just once. When are ya’ll heading to the mountains? They are calling you!

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