Useful(?) Tidbits

Things I’ve learned over the past few weeks that I could have done without:

No matter how logically and gently you suggest change (for improvement), and even when you have the best motives, the people who have invested time in the status-quo will feel personally attacked and insulted.

Greyhound bus lines will let you buy a ticket in one city to be picked up by someone in another city, and they’ll even let you send a bit of cash to them – but the other person must have a photo I.D. to pick up the ticket.

Western Union will let someone pick up cash without I.D., and let you attach a personal password to the money to ensure it’s picked up by the intended party.  And you can even check their website to see if the money has been picked up (and if it isn’t you can get the money back, less the fees you paid to send it).

If you are in a car accident (in Louisiana, at least), and the at-fault person doesn’t want to file an insurance claim, you should still get a police report.  If they then fail to pay for your repairs, you can use the police report to have their license revoked.

New parts and fresh paint on a car are like bait for other cars to hit you.  And sometimes when you go fishing, you catch a fish (it might be a small fish, but it’s still a fish).

Touch-up paint will cover a scratch to prevent rusting, but it still doesn’t really match.

There must be something cathartic in telling me about your issue three times, even though I’ve already explained that I’m not the person who can handle it for you.

There are people whose job is to present a public face for an agency, and that face can be extremely ugly or disinterested in public perception.  (And there are other people who have no need to be helpful and nice, but will do absolutely everything they can to make you happy.)

And finally – 150 girls in a gymnasium  can make an ear-piercing noise (scream) that nearly reaches the threshold of pain (around 140 decibels, I think).

Just a few things I’ve learned (or been reminded of) lately that I thought maybe you could benefit from.  And if you’ve learned things like this, please share them with me – there ARE some things I prefer to learn vicariously through others.


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