Outside of my own family, there are only three other people whose birthdays I remember.  Sandra and Maggie, ‘cuz they’ve got the best birthday of the year: today.  Equidistant from either end of Christmas.  Perfectly timed for balancing out the gifts.  And why, you ask, do I remember those two?  Because I don’t know anyone else who shares it with ME!!

And then there is Judy Woods.  Nothing spectacular about her birthday – January 11.  Except there is something spectacular about the way she said it that just rings in my head every time I think of birthdays.  She was always proud to tell me her birthday is on “Janu-wary ‘leventh.”

So, if you’re supposed to have a nice relaxing day on the anniversary of your birth (note: technically, you only have one birthday…don’t you hate it when people get technical), I’m a miserable failure today.

It was quite a hectic day at work – time in the plant making sure people had free access to water and cool-down breaks (following rumors of the opposite), chasing down a petty complaint, checking and re-checking inventory lists against actual material on-hand (and finding significant discrepancies), and spending an hour on the phone with the help desk without getting the problem solved AND leaving the office an hour late.  On leaving the office, my car battery was dead (luckily, the company cars must have the keys in them at all times, so I just nabbed one of those for a jump-start).  Got home just in time to throw steaks and veggies on the grill (my new Father’s Day grill), and log in for class while my Dearest assembled the goodies on a plate for me (on-line school definitely has some advantages).

Whew!!  So, as my reward, I’m taking 3 or 4 girls to Blue Bayou/Dixie Landin’ tomorrow, while Debbie leaves town to attend a wedding (AFTER I get a new car battery early in the morning).  Wait…is that a reward??  Nevermind – I got great cards, text messages, and gifts from my family.  THANKS girls.

Well – I’m sure Sandra and Maggie enjoyed their celebrations!


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One response to “Birthdays

  • James

    Happy Birthday Joe! I hope the next one is more relaxing than this one. I think Maggie did enjoy hers.

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