Family picnic, anyone?

There are some things in life that you know must take place, but you just never really think about them.  Take for instance cemeteries.  You know they have to get started sometime, but you’ve probably never thought about how that works, exactly.  I mean, have you ever SEEN a “new” cemetery?  I haven’t.  Every one I’ve ever seen looked pretty well populated.

DSC_1050Just down the street from us, there is a new cemetary.  And I mean new.  Until last month, this was just another beautiful, Louisiana (somewhat small) plantation-style house, with a stately oak-tree lined driveway out in the middle of a field. 

Over the past few months, I’ve seen surveyors in the area, thinking maybe they were getting ready to sub-divide the property and install yet another new housing development (we live in fast growing area, slowed only slightly by the recession).  About a month ago, they put up a sign announcing “Ascension’s most beautiful cemetery.”  Then we started getting flyers in the mail, selling plots.

Who wants to go first?  Uh…

Well, just in case you are little hesitant, and apparently they do need to drum up business, they are having a July 4th family picnic at the new cemetary.  I suppose that might sound a bit creepy, but it’s still a beautiful place, tree-lined drive and all.

Well, until this week – someone has taken the first spot (and not under the shade of one of the stately oaks), so  now you can picnic next to the grave.  Just one, mind you, but a grave nonetheless.  Just in case you are at a loss for something to do with the family this weekend.


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One response to “Family picnic, anyone?

  • gregengland

    Interesting! Thanks for your message via FaceBook, and for following my meager writings. My dad was a cemetery owner for a short period of time … until the sales manager (a church of Christ preacher, none the less) embezzled tens of thousands of dollars from him, forcing him to sell the place. It would be interesting to see a cemetery start up, which will happen here soon as we’re quickly running out of spaces in the local city cemetery.

    Here is an interesting link you might enjoy about a cemetery in Los Angeles that has movie nights during the summer months!

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