The wonders of technology include attending class on-line, in pursuit of a so-called higher education.  And, if by chance I’m not able to be “in” class at the appointed hour, it can be recorded for my viewing pleasure at my leisure.  Since I wasn’t able to attend class this past week, I downloaded the recordings and spent an afternoon at Starbucks (inside Barnes & Noble) watching class.  Watching a recorded class is just as boring as watching it live at home.  There were, however, some distractions.  People watching, to be exact. 

What would you expect to see people doing at the Barnes & Noble coffee shop?  Here’s what I saw (some things you’d expect, some not):

  • reading books from the store (are they previewing, or “stealing” reading time?)
  • talking on the phone
  • checking email
  • highlighting workbooks (for some other class?)
  • eating fried chicken (from Kroger’s, with ketchup), after polishing off a Starbuck’s muffin
  • comparing used cars in Consumer Reports
  • playing dominoes
  • sharing conversation over a cup of coffee with a friend
  • table hopping (visiting with people at multiple tables)
  • reading the newspaper
  • having a snack while the rest of the family is shopping
  • reading a STACK of magazines and books (and leaving them on the table when finished),
  • dozing off….oh, wait, that’s me!

A good reminder that while we were all created in God’s image, His definition of image must surely be different than mine – because there is not only an incredible variety of physical shapes, sizes, and looks, but a really interesting variety of habits we all have.  What an awesome creation we are!


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