Slow Learners

The nurse at work told me about one of the cleaning ladies who got fired last week for having her cell phone in the plant (not allowed for a variety of reasons, including intrinsic safety and uncontrolled cameras – gotta keep those trade secrets secret).  She came back the next day and begged for her job back.  Today, she stopped at the clinic and asked him to hold her cell phone because she had been called in to see the boss and didn’t want to get caught with her cell phone (again).

Many years ago I worked at a paper mill that also owned a small short-line railroad.  I had to go out and collect noise exposure data on the track repair crew, which meant I stood around watching them work all day.  I do that a lot.  Watch people work.  Tough life, but…   Anyway, the operator of the machine that lifted the track and inserted new ties kept forgetting to lift the outriggers before moving the machine.  The foreman (who was helping me watch them work) yelled at him to stop the machine and lift the outriggers, then turned to me and said “You know, it’s somethin’ you gotta tell a man his work e’ery day.  E’ery Day!”

I have a good laugh thinking about slow learners like this, wondering what it takes to get their attention.  And then, I realize I’m one of them.  In 1 Thessalonians 5:17, Paul reminds us to “pray constantly.”  Not because God needs to hear from us, but to remind us of who He is and what He can/will do for us.  It’s the same (for me) with daily Bible reading.  If I’m not reading it “e’ery” day, I quickly forget His promises and who I am (His creation, His servant, the love of His life).

Just mark me down as a slow learner.


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