Going Public

Earlier this week CNN posted a story about Tyler Weeks, who seems to be an average guy who succeeded at what I’ve been trying to do.  He lost a LOT of weight – 125 pounds in 2009.  Well, I don’t want to lose that much, but the remarkable thing is he did exactly what I’ve been trying to do.  In the CNN story, he said:

“Instead of trying some fad, some quick diet gimmick, I decided to change my lifestyle.  I decided to count calories and to be more active.”  and  “If you want to go crazy a couple of times a week, then fine,” he says.  “Just eat well most of the time.  It all comes down to calories.”

That’s it.  Nothing more to it.

I’m reminded of a quote I saw a while back that said “Love God, then do what you want.”  (Not sure who said that; maybe St. Augustine.)  The idea is that if you truly love God, then what you want to do will be what He has asked you to do.

So it is with my dieting and exercise.  When I truly get motivated to count calories (which means weighing, measuring, and keeping actual count of what goes in my mouth), and when I do spend a bit of time exercising, my desires do truly change.  I am reminded of Newton’s Laws, again (have I posted about that??).  I don’t think I’ll be posting a weekly update of my weight loss progress, like Tyler does over at his blog, 344pounds.com.  Last year when I tried going public for Lent, I was a miserable failure .   Something, however, tells me that this time might be different.   No need to wait for Lent, and this is not a New Year’s resolution, it’s just time to get going again.

One of the chemical engineers I work with said he was going to write a diet guide for engineers, with the basic premise of the book being “if more energy goes out than is added to the system, there will be a net energy loss.”

It really is just that simple.  Thanks to Tyler for helping me get re-inspired.  I’ll keep you posted on how this works out.


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2 responses to “Going Public

  • Gilles

    Hi Joe,
    That was exactly my way of thinking when I took up rugby again in sept 09 and started taking care of what I was eating, not counting cals, but just using common sense: chewing longer to make my brain think I eat more than I did and ease digestion, eat less (stop when I am not hungry anymore, not when I feel stuffed), eat less refined foods, more vegetables and soup to fill me up, etc…
    Results of two rugby training sessions a week and eat more sensibly: going from 96 to 89kg in 4 months (minus 15 Lbs for you yankee).

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