There are a few jobs that I find really interesting, but I know I could never be successful at.

Courtroom lawyer: all I really know about courtroom lawyers is what I see on TV, or hear about on radio reports of Supreme Court cases.  From that limited exposure, it seems to me those folks have to think fast, and change directions to adjust to new terrain in a hurry – I just can’t do that.  I need a couple of days to really think and figure out a good argument.

Newspaper columnist: I have a few good ideas once in a while, and enjoy standing on the soapbox now and then – but having to fill a newspaper column EVERY week would just be too stressful.  I don’t even volunteer to write for the safety newsletter at work – I just don’t have enough ideas on cue (oh, I’ve got a lot of ideas, just not on cue).

And so it is with my blog.  I’m empty right now.  I’d love to think I’ve just been too busy  – and I was for a bit.  No soapbox that needs standing on, no great new revelations to tell about.  Maybe the work pace has picked up and I just don’t want to sit here and write much.  (My co-worker has retired, I’m holding down the fort alone until we find a replacement, and it has been busier than I really expected.)

So there you go – three paragraphs to tell you I have nothing to say.  I’ll be back later…


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