Cheap Shoes

I told my wife a couple of weeks ago that I may have made a financial mistake.  A small one, but it could have life-changing implications.

I try to do what I can to support domestic production (a.k.a. “Buy American”).  But really, there are some things that simply are not made in America.  Shoes, for example.  Even if I gave a paycheck for a pair of shoes, they’d still come from Italy.  So I have no heartburn about going down to Payless or Wal-Mart and getting a cheap pair of sneakers made in China (I wish I had an outlet that didn’t support sweat-shop labor, but what can I do in this case?).

So before Christmas, my workplace started a Holiday Weight Challenge.  If you didn’t gain weight during the holidays, you’d get a $50 gift card to Academy Sports.  Technically, I met the challenge and got the card.  I say “technically” because I was the same weight at the end of the challenge as when I started – no one asked what happened in between, and I ain’t tellin’.

At about the same time, I discovered Tyler’s blog, and decided I was going public with my own fitness/weight loss endeavor.  Not much success to report on that effort, but I’m still working at it (I’m down 13 pounds since January 1, but again we won’t talk about what happened in December).

So with my $50 gift card, and new inspiration, I went down to Academy sports with the intention of buying decent walking shoes.  Instead, I bought a nice pair of New Balance running shoes (more on the running effort later), and discovered two great things:

  1. You can buy American made shoes, sort of.
  2. I may never buy cheap shoes again.

I had no idea I could actually run – much less walk – without excruciating pain in my ankles.  Really, shoes can do that?  Who knew?


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5 responses to “Cheap Shoes

  • Elizabeth

    Good for you earning the $50 gift card. You may have to tell us what happened in December…. We grew up in a huge family (12 kids) and single income. We didn’t have much, but my dad insisted that we always have good shoes. We bought all of our shoes at an upscale store, and to this day, I am the same way. I only wear Z-Coils – it is my preventative medicine for my joints. Google them, they are GREAT!

  • Joe

    If the average person gains five pounds during the holidays, I’ll just say that someone out there was not doing their part, and I had to take up their slack. That could mean I’m above average, which is generally a good thing, right?

  • Joe

    You should all know that Joe is doing great with his fitness effort – He gets up “almost” every morning at 4:30a.m — yes! AM and goes to the gym, so he will have time before work. I don’t know about weight loss, but he is sticking to it! Go JOE! He has mentioned a marathon a time or two now…Who knows?

  • Joe

    P.S. “Joe” didn’t actually write that last comment – this is what happens when Joe doesn’t log out of his WordPress account, and Debbie then posts a comment 🙂

    Thank you, dear! I love you, too!

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