Fire in the Kitchen

Alyssa with Grandma Tudor

No, our house did not catch fire. But, this time of year, we are as busy as a firefighter, it seems. This time of year is usually slowing down a bit for us, but this year we’re getting ready for graduation.

Alyssa’s last dance recital was Sunday, her last day of school is Wednesday, and her graduation ceremony is next week. It’s this time of year that makes me think back. And one of my favorite moments is when Alyssa told us there was a fire in the kitchen.

Senior 2010

We lived in a split-level house in Littleton, CO. Alyssa was about 2 years old. We were in the den when Alyssa came running in saying “Fire in the kitchen. Fire in the kitchen.” I’m a pretty big, lazy guy – but that sort of thing will get you moving in a hurry. As I darted into the kitchen, with Alyssa close behind, I looked around but didn’t see a fire, or even any smoke.

Alyssa pointed to the counter, saying “Fire in the kitchen. Fire in the kitchen.” I looked where she was pointing, and noticed a pacifier on the counter. OH! “paciFIER in the kitchen!” OH! WHEW!!

Wow. What a long ride it’s been – and we’re not done yet!


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