Rocky Mountain High

We lived in Denver for five years when we were first married.  The new airport opened just after we left, and Friday was the first time I’d ever been to it (15 years later).  We did come back to Denver once to visit friends, but we drove in.  So, I’m here for a professional conference for the week , and I took advantage of the opportunity to visit a few of our favorite places, and worship with our Church family at Columbine Church of Christ.  Although I hardly knew any of the people at Church, I did see a few old friends and had lunch at the FANTASTIC mountain home/cabin of our old preacher.  And even though the veiw from my hotel room does not include the mountains (it looks out directly at the backside of an adjacent office building), I’ve been reminded of a few of the things I loved about living here.  Even though those things are wonderful to see/experience, I’m reminded (again) that the only difference in places you live are the weather and geography.  It’s the people that make a place wonderful – and there are wonderful people everywhere.

A few things that I think you can only experience here (or, at least, I’ve never experienced anywhere else):

  • seeing shadows of clouds
  • roads closed due to snow (in late May)
  • driving down a long, winding mountain road without using the brakes (lots of downshifting)
  • wearing a jacket in May
  • a view of the mountains from the Church building (the preacher’s wife once told him no one would listen to the sermons as long as they could look at a view like that)
  • xeriscaping
  • green chili with pork
  • old, un-restored vehicles with no rust (a result, I think, of low humidity and no salt on the roads)
  • big sky (okay, that’s Montana’s claim, but from here, you can see what the big deal is – and it’s a big deal)
  • blue columbines
  • deer wildlife in people’s yards, particularly in the small mountain towns (the preacher said they’ve had bears on their porch, eating from the bird feeders)
  • “ranches” in the middle of the city (small horse pens that are intact, despite the development sprouting up around them)
  • Church family (okay, that applies anywhere – it’s just been nice to be reminded that where ever you go, you can have Church family that cares about you and your family)

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