Mr. Nice Guy (not)

I’m still undecided about coincidences – are they really coincidence, or is it God at work?  Sometimes it would seem nice to think that God does indeed have His hand in the little things (and He does), but I’m just not convinced that He’s always involved in what we call coincidence.

Yesterday, I found myself thinking maybe He is.  Or maybe not.  (Convincing, huh?)

So, I’m checking in at the airport and my bag weighs 56 pounds.  Southwest will let you check the first bag free, under 50 pounds.  But after a week of picking up safety and health literature from vendors, a book or two for the office, and a few Colorado souvenirs, the bag weighed in a bit heavy.  But the ticket agent was busy and didn’t notice – neither did I for that matter.  I suspected the bag might be overweight, but the scale readout is not in the normal line-of-sight, so neither of us looked.

Two other Southwest employees, however, were standing there and did notice the scale – and politely informed the ticket agent.  I had some pretty tacky thoughts – what I really wanted to do was turn around and say “Thanks guys, let me know if I can help YOU out sometime.”  But, I didn’t.  I really didn’t want to be ugly, and I knew I owed the fee for the overweight bag ($50), but I really was perturbed.  Then again, they were just doing their job (protecting their own company’s interest).

So I kept my mouth shut, and politely handed my credit card to the ticket agent.  The ticket agent was also working on something for the other two Southwest employees – but after a minute or two, he told them “It’s not going through – sorry, I can’t help you.”  They both thanked him and left the counter.  The ticket agent then handed me my credit card and told me it wasn’t going through either.  He said it was my lucky day.

Was it luck?  At first I said a thank you prayer.  And the more I thought about it, I thought that if God rewarded me for keeping my mouth shut, what punishment was ahead for having those tacky thoughts in the first place??

And then – ANOTHER thank you prayer that we don’t get what we deserve – we don’t get immediate feedback like Uzzah (2 Samuel 6:6).

So – I still don’t know if coincidence is God’s hand at work.  I do know, however, that playing Mr. Nice Guy is always a better choice – even when I don’t want to.


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