Down From the Mountain

So, last week I was in the Rockies, and really charged up about seeing the beauty of the mountains (and a few old friends).  I flew home on Friday, and Saturday we left for vacation.  We spent the weekend in Shreveport, then on Tuesday we drove over to Lake O’ the Pines to meet friends and spend a few days in a rented lake house.  In my Rocky Mountain High post, I mentioned that the beauty of any place is really the people.  The only thing that changes from place to place is the weather and geography.

The first time I went to Colorado (late ’70s), I thought it would be a perfect place to live.  When we moved there in 1989 I found it was, indeed, fabulous (John Tefft told me the only downside was that they didn’t have a beach).  But, on our first trip home after moving there, I also discovered the beauty of my birthplace.  I had never noticed it before – I suppose when you grow up in an area, it’s easy not to notice it.

After we spent a couple of days on the lake with some of our best friends, surrounded by pine and sweet gum trees,  looking at the perfectly still and calm water on the lake, feeling a nice breeze off the lake…and so forth, I had to ask Scott “If you live here, where do you go on vacation?”  He said “The Rocky Mountains.”

Last week I was reminded of the beauty of the mountains – this week I was reminded why retiring to East Texas would be a pretty good choice, too.  (Besides the beauty, I know a few people who would like to see us move closer…)


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4 responses to “Down From the Mountain

  • Jean

    Yes, and we are some of the folks that would like to see you move closer! But you have to retire soon. Don’t know how much more time the Good Lord will give us, but Robert has already surpassed the three score and ten and I am rapidly approaching it. So sorry that Debbie will not make the family reunion (as well as your girls), but we’ll look forward to seeing you there.

  • Jean

    By the way……you may want to consider a piece of property sans the pine and sweet gum trees and go for oaks. They are hazardous to your health when you mow the grass!

  • Joe

    A mower under a sweet gum gives new meaning to “gum ball machine” 🙂

  • Jean

    Joe, you are too funny! I would have never thought of that…….so appropriate!

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