No Time for Golf

A friend of mine once said

Golf is like a relationship.  If you don’t take it seriously, you’ll never get good at it.  If you do take it seriously, it’ll just make you mad.

There are LOTS of cute golf quotes, and some very insightful quotes.  Arthur Daley may have said something similar to this one.

Way back in 1987 or so, I got an old set of clubs from a friend and tried to learn to hit a golf ball.  I played a few rounds on a course in Ruston, but after the first 3 holes I’d always quit keeping score – it was too depressing.  And I’d buy the cheap, recycled balls because I’d usually lose half of them on the course.  Once, Debbie bought golf lessons for me and I really did learn to hit the ball straight.  After that, I didn’t make it back to a course for several years, and forgot whatever it was I learned.

When we moved here, I went to the driving range a few times, but realized the time required to learn to do this well was beyond my reach – too many kids in school, too many other important priorities.  So, I sold the clubs (or gave them away – can’t remember which – I do remember they were so old the pawn shop wouldn’t take them).

Last week when Debbie asked me what I wanted for my birthday, I said “golf clubs.”  I don’t know why I think I have time for this now, but I do want to learn this game.  So I got the clubs Friday, went to the driving range Saturday, and played a round with Bill and Rich on Sunday.

The good news – after all these years, my swing has not gotten any worse.  But it’s not any better, either.  Rich’s wife called on about the 16th hole to say his A/C was out again.  Otherwise, we might still be out there waiting for me to get a decent shot.  I wasn’t TOTALLY embarrassed, but I’m not signing up for any tournaments, either.  I only lost eight of the 15 balls I started with (not counting two or three I found on the course and a couple that Bill gave me).  After about the first five holes, Bill stopped counting my score (even though he started out telling me you had to keep score to know when you improved – I don’t think we’ll need a scorecard to know that just yet).

I was reminded that I don’t really have time for this game.  But it was fun, and I do need a hobby – if I don’t find something to do before I retire, I might get totally lazy and do absolutely nothing.  And if I start practicing now, I might just be able to hit a respectable ball by the time I retire (at least another 15 or 20 years from now).

And if I never learn to hit it straight, well at least I’ll have spent time with good friends and enjoyed the walk.


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One response to “No Time for Golf

  • gregengland

    Feel good golf is the only game I can play on a golf course. We used to have tournaments, but then discovered simply not keeping score was almost as good. However, in feel good golf, there are no rules other than, If it didn’t feel good, it didn’t count. So we would tee up on the fairway and especially in a sand trip. A ball in the water was a no-shot. Didn’t count at all. Basically, if we came home having found more balls along the course than we lost in the water, we had a good day. And who doesn’t love driving a golf cart??

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