It’s Not What You Think

I thought I saw a news item that said today was the anniversary of the debut of color television.  Searching the internet tells me otherwise (appears the debut was in March, not June).  Anyway, it got me thinking.

When color TV’s started rolling off the assembly line, you’d think they would have swept the nation by storm.  You would have seen people camping out at Western Auto stores two or three days early just to get one.  Not so, according to NPR.  Because there was very little programming in color, it took more than 10 years for color TV’s “to become a household fixture.” I’d say even longer than that.  I clearly remember the first time I saw color TV – watching the Rose Parade at Aunt Doris’ house in Kansas. Not only was it in color, but the ROSE PARADE – an EXPLOSION of color. I don’t remember the date, but I know I was around 10 years old, so it had to be in the early ’70s. Oh, and I guess that camping out thing is a recent development.

Here are a few other “statistics” that might surprise you:

  • Only 2 billion people in the world have internet access (there are nearly 7 billion people in the world).
  • Only 1.2 billion people have telephones (yeah, more people have internet access than telephones).
  • There are an estimated 4 billion cell phones (I wonder how many of those are in landfills, or the sewer system?).
  • The greatest percentage of injuries at work happen early in the shift – not at the end of the shift or late at night when you think people would be getting tired and sleepy (Bureau of Labor Statistics).
  • If the Baton Rouge Area OSHA office inspected EVERY workplace in Louisiana that was subject to OSHA regulation, it would take over 190 years to visit all of them (because they don’t have enough staff).
  • The average penalty for a violation of OSHA regulations is $1000.
  • The Protecting America’s Workers Act would raise the maximum penalty for safety violations from $70,000 to $250,000 (What?  You thought it was already more than that? You might have confused worker protection with environmental protection).

And you thought worker health and safety was a priority for the government?  That business owners ran safe shops because they were afraid of OSHA?  Yeah.  It’s not what you think.


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One response to “It’s Not What You Think

  • gregengland

    I can barely remember my first experience with color TV … the color was very “cloudy” for lack of a better description. It lacked sharp contrast and definition, but it was color and we were fascinated. It was years before we actually bought a color TV.

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