Losing It

Don’t even look at me like that.  You know you’ve done it, too.  And I’m only saying it out loud over here so you don’t have to feel stupid, like you were the only person whose ever done it.  I mean, we all lose stuff, right?  And when we find our stuff, we feel really stupid because it was right there the whole time and we didn’t see it.

Take for instance, me.  I spent 20 minutes looking for my keys this morning.  I usually put them in a bowl on top of the bookcase I have in the closet.  This morning, they weren’t there.  Maybe I dropped them?  Looked all over the floor, dug around in the dirty clothes, looked behind and under the shoe rack.  Nothing.  Looked around in the bedroom.  Nothing.  Back to the closet.  Move the little cabinet with socks and undershirts.  Reach behind the bookcase.  Nothing (if you don’t count a couple of year-old receipts that fell back there).  Back to the bedroom. Standing there thinking, sticking my hands in my pockets (helps me think) – and VOILA!!  Keys!  Right there in my pocket.

At lunch, Whitney couldn’t find the fork that was in the middle of her plate.  A few weeks ago Debbie couldn’t find the sunglasses that were on top of her head.  Have you ever looked for glasses you were wearing?  I have.

There was a kid in my high school math class (in one of those “temporary buildings” they put up that never gets moved – I think it’s still there) who lost his pencil.  Made a bid deal out of it.  Had the whole class looking around on the floor for his pencil.  Never found it.  Two days later, he found it stuck in his afro (in the same class, or we might have never known).

Whenever we lose stuff and find it right in front of our faces, or when we walk in the next room and forget what we went in there for, we like to blame it on aging.  Barbara Strauch says the trade-off is we get better at other things as we age.  Maybe she’s right.  And even if she’s not, I just want you to know that you are normal.  And so am I.  So stop laughing at me – your time is coming!


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3 responses to “Losing It

  • gregengland

    I’m not sure how old you are, Joe, but if I can encourage you at all, just know IT ONLY GETS WORSE with age! Or so I’ve heard. . .

  • Joe

    Well, I’m young enough to be new at this aging thing, but old enough to start feeling some stiff joints. I have publicly announced that I plan to live to be 100, therefore I am not yet middle-aged. If shooting your age in golf is admirable, and 72 is a worthy goal, I’ve got about 24 years to go.

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