A friend recently posted a Facebook status indicating she was watching a movie. I commented, asking if she was “watching a movie, or sitting in front of the TV, checking Facebook.” I was quickly reminded, by several female commenters, that it’s called multi-tasking.

And I was also reminded that women can do that, while it’s us guys that have trouble with it.

There’s this one guy I know, however, who is excellent at multi-tasking.  Despite the fact that there are 6 billion people* in the world and that God loves every single one of us, you and you alone are the sole focus of God’s attention.  And so am I. He can focus all his attention on just you.  And He can focus all his attention on just me.  That’s just an awesome thing to consider when I am struggling to find Him and walk with Him.

*My favorite T-shirt quote of all time:  “6 billion people.  You are the light.  No pressure.  Matt 5:14”

And considering that I have God’s undivided attention, there truly is no pressure to be a light for Him.


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2 responses to “Multi-Tasking

  • Jean

    Another awesome testimony to how omnipresent our God is. Not only are we the focus of His attention, He is in control of what happens to us at any given time, although He does allow us to make choices that help to determine the results. Isn’t He just great?

  • gregengland

    What an encouraging thought today! Thanks, Joe.

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