Summer is Now Over

On June 22nd, Debbie declared that “Summer is Over!”

“Um, no,” I said, “in fact, yesterday was the first day of summer.” Nevermind the August-like heat we’ve been experiencing since mid-May, the calendar says June 21st is the first day of summer.  So, summer cannot be over – it just started.

What she really meant was that the time for relaxing and enjoying the break from all the school schedules and taxi-driving was over, because the rest of our schedule between now and the middle of August (yes, school starts in the middle of August around here) is packed full.  No time for relaxing.

  • All three girls were at summer camp for a week
  • Whitney went to camp for two more weeks after that
  • Mikayla has Colorguard practice every Tuesday until band camp starts
  • Alyssa left for Honduras early this morning
  • We’ll be visiting the Alabama Tar Pits, commonly known as Orange Beach, this weekend
  • When Alyssa gets home, she’ll have dental surgery (wisdom tooth extraction)
  • Whitney goes to Freshman band camp July 26
  • Whitney and Mikayla both have full band camp starting August 2
  • School starts August 11
  • Alyssa moves into the dorm sometime a week or so before August 18 when she’ll start college classes

I was planning to do the water bottle project again this summer, but since summer is now over, I guess that won’t happen (a service project for the kids to hand out ice-cold water bottles to people working in their yards) (FAIL).  Wow!!  Who knew summer could fly by so fast?

All this, and I really must make time to finish the capstone project so that hopefully by the time the calendar says that summer is over, I will be able to declare that I have completed the requirements for a Master of Public Health degree!!  And the topic??  Heat Stress Management – appropriate for such a hot, short summer, don’t you think?


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One response to “Summer is Now Over

  • Greg England

    Well that brought back memories of high school with our two kids. Summer was always cut short by all the commitments and activities. Spring break, though, was even worse because the kids went to two different schools and Janice taught school. For some reason that always defied logic, none of them ever had the same week off for Spring Break!

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