Other People’s Mistakes

I have always been grateful that I could learn from other people’s mistakes.

Take for instance, seat belts.  I have seen the results of other people not wearing seat belts – either being thrown from the vehicle, or being thrown around inside the vehicle.  Based on this observation, I’ve learned to wear a seat belt in the car – I do not need to personally experience the effects of not wearing a seat belt.

I’ve seen people lose their jobs for stealing tools, stealing time, stealing money, and drinking on the job.  I do not need to personally experiment with these activities to understand the consequences.

Since you all have so graciously endowed me with your mistakes, it seems only fair that I share mine with you.  So sit up and take notes.  This could come in handy some day.

If you have one of those fold-down ladders leading to your attic, you should not attempt to repair it yourself.  Several years ago I did that.  Once I had the two bottom sections taken off, I was working on the upper section when I had all the hardware taken apart, and realized I was holding the spring-loaded mechanism in my hand and that when I let go, all that spring-loaded energy was going somewhere, and I didn’t know where.  While contemplating my predicament, the bar slipped out of my hand.  The bar swung around and unloaded all the energy just above my eye – all I got was small cut, but could have lost an eye.  You don’t need to do that – just hire a carpenter (like I did the next day).

Next time you put your laptop bag in the back of your pickup truck, don’t drive through the car wash.  Fortunately, if you have one that has thick “plastic” ballistic canvas, like me, the laptop may not get soaked, but you will have a panic-attack before you can get out of the car wash and check on it (like I did).

Round-Up Wave

And finally, if you use a pressurized sprayer for applying Round-Up to the weeds in your yard, make sure the sprayer does not have a tiny pin-hole leak in it BEFORE you walk across the lawn with it.  On the other hand, if you consider the wavy brown stripe across the front-lawn as art, it doesn’t really look that bad.

So, there you go.  You have the opportunity to learn the easy way.  Oh – that reminds me – don’t park in the corner space.  Especially where buses/shuttles drive through the parking lot – they tend to clip the corner of cars without stopping.  (I also learned this the easy way – riding in the shuttle that clipped someone else’s car.)


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4 responses to “Other People’s Mistakes

  • jcallahan

    Okay, that right there…. that’s funny.

  • jel

    first off, glad ya didn’t lose an eye,
    but that reminds me of a part in a movie that chbby chase played in 🙂

  • gregengland

    Love that rustic looking footpath across the front yard! You have potentially opened up a huge pathway to stories of stupidity. For now, let me just say that if you are a funeral director in charge of a graveside ceremony and you happen to step off into the grave, there is absolutely no way you can do that and look cool. So I’ve been told. 🙂 As the story goes, the funeral director only went down to his waist since the casket lowering device caught him … and as funny as it was, there still is no way to look cool. So I’ve been told . . .

  • Joe

    I heard of another funeral director who had been asked to play “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” during the procession following the service. They had the Wizard of Oz CD all cued up, but when they pushed “play” out came “Ding-Dong the Witch is Dead”.

    Thanks to all of you for stopping by and commenting, and laughing WITH me!!

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