Learning Graciousness

Wednesday I came home to a yard that looked like it had already been mown (mowed?).  I wondered if Cody had been by to do his laundry (he does that about once a week now, and if Debbie is here, she is likely to get him out there mowing the grass).  And there was a small indicator that Cody had been at work – a strip of tall, un-mown grass right out front.  Turns out Debbie had hired a young man who used to live across the street.  He was canvassing the neighborhood looking for business, so she paid him to cut our grass and save me the trouble this week.  And I really appreciate that.  Gave me time to work on a few other things and not worry about the grass.

So now, I’m trying hard to focus on being thankful, and ignore the fact that:

  • there are two places where the grass is scalped down to the roots
  • the steel anchor for the dog tether is chopped off and must be replaced (which probably put a big dent in his lawnmower blade)
  • there’s a tall patch of grass right out front
  • the grass is cut so short it’s looking like we had a drought

On the upside, the edges are trimmed and the clippings were blown off the walkways (which Cody never does).

So here I am working hard to focus on being gracious, and thankful that Debbie thought of me.  That someone else took care of an icky chore that saved me from another near heat stroke.  And remembering all the ways I’ve fallen short and my Father has been gracious to overlook the way I’ve really messed up His plan and made an ugly mess out of His grace.

He is an awesome God!


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One response to “Learning Graciousness

  • James F (Bug) McClellan

    If you’re gonna delegate, you’re gonna have to have plenty of slack in your expectations. “Employees” rarely do it our way. But, on the other hand, what is it with these folks that they like to scalp the yard. Wouldn’t it be less work to cut the grass higher? And wouldn’t it provide a quicker grow back so they could charge to mow the lawn again?
    “John” mows our tiny little lawn and sets his mower on 1/2″. We’ve only had to mow 3 times this summer. It takes a while for the roots to sprout and start growing again.
    On a related topic, I’ve just finished reading “Bonhoeffer: Pastor, Martyr, Prophet, Spy: A Righteous Gentile Vs. The Third Reich ” by By Eric Metaxas – (Thomas Nelson Inc (2010) – Hardback – 591 pages – ISBN 1595551387) Every Christian needs to read this book. He reminded me of several biblical folks, most of all, John The Baptist. He just refused to compromise his faith, even while many pastors around him were advising him to quit rocking the boat.

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