Today there are now 100 comments on my blog – and only 86 posts.  When I started this, I didn’t really think I’d get many comments.  To see the number of comments surpass the number of posts is surprising.

A couple of days ago Girl on the Contrary posted a description of her dancing in front of a mirror, only to realize it was a window.  That reminded me of another of myembarrassing moments.  Several years ago (while attending yet another one of those conferences) in Atlanta (Georgia, not Texas) I took a side-trip to visit the Coca-Cola museum. 

Coke Fountain

One of the neatest things they had there was this fountain that would shoot “coke” (all flavors)* in an arc of about 10 feet, right into your little tasting cup.  This fountain was itself an arc shape, wrapping half-way around a room.  (A new “World of Coca-Cola was opened in 2007; I don’t think they still have this fountain).  At the end of the line of fountains, as I was turning to go into another room of the museum, some guy came around the corner and nearly ran into me.  I said “Excuse me” at exactly the same moment he did.  “He” turned out to be my reflection in a mirror at the end of the line of fountains.

After I looked around to see if anyone saw me (I don’t think they did), I then had to quickly duck into the next room so no one would see me lauging at myself.


* where I’m from (and a few of my readers), “coke” is a term used interchangeably with what many other people refer to as soda or even “pop” in the midwest.  As in “You wanna coke?”  “Yeah.”  “What kind?”  “Root beer.”  And if you acutally want Coca-Cola, then say that – Coca-Cola.  Or, some people will say they want a “regular coke” which also means Coca-Cola.


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