Ten-Year Plan

A couple of weeks ago a co-worker asked me about my ten-year plan.  He started out asking about my goal setting process.  The conversation moved into long-range plans, and the idea that everyone should have a ten-year plan.

“If you don’t have a plan, how will you know when you’re done?”

While I agree with that statement, I must admit I’ve never had a long-range plan, yet my life has turned out pretty well.  God has done a good job with my failures and turned them into success.  As we talked, I realized that I do have one plan.

One, single, simple goal.  And I know, from experience, that if I achieve that one, single, simple goal, everything else – EVERYTHING ELSE – falls into place.  And that one goal is to spend 20 minutes a day reading the Bible, and 10 minutes meditating and praying over what I’ve read.  When I do that, life is one continuous mountaintop experience.  And when I don’t, life is a struggle.

So here’s my ten-year plan:


If I successfully read my Bible 20 minutes a day, and meditate/pray 10 minutes a day, a the end of 10 years, that will be 3650 days.  We’ll see where I am after that.


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5 responses to “Ten-Year Plan

  • Elizabeth Braud

    This is a great plan and truly, the only plan worth having.

  • Aunt Jean

    Couldn’t get the math to compute, but that’s still a lot of time spent with God. It is amazing how much better things go when we put them in the proper order.

  • Joe

    I tried to make it look like 3650 is a function of 20 and 10, but my mathematical notation skills (and the WordPress editor) couldn’t meet the challenge.

  • gregengland

    That’s a good plan, but the math threw me for a moment until you explained it. But that’s the way I am with math.

  • Dee Andrews

    Your 10 year plan sounds good, Joe, but for me it works MUCH better to spend much MORE time meditating & praying (and then DOING) than reading from the Bible. It all goes together, and I admit I have a big advantage being at home & having a lot of time to think and pray and meditate (and write), but it just seems to work better for me to use short passages of scripture and then APPLY them after thinking and praying over them while I go about other things I’m doing.

    Good post!


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