7 Days, 6 Nights

Yeah, I know – the movie is “6 Days, 7 Nights”…read on…

If you have my blog set on an RSS reader, and don’t stop by on a regular basis, you might not have noticed I’ve been away.  Well, I didn’t really go anywhere – I’ve just been doing other things and haven’t really had any great thoughts to share.  In fact, I haven’t even read anyone else’s blog in that past several weeks (a quick check of my RSS feed shows I have 173 unread posts – over 75 from real people and the rest from the news feeds – like Freakonomics and The Pump Handle).

I’m not suggesting this post signals my regular return to the blogosphere, but I did have an interesting conversation with a co-worker this week.  I don’t know if I need to share this, or if maybe I’m just looking for a place to write this down so I don’t forget how the story goes.  I’m gonna need this again someday.

Although I’ve not studied the topic in-depth, I might have spent a little more time on Christian evidences than the “average Joe.”  I’ve taught a few classes and have read some scientific articles on various creation/evolution issues.  I am a firm believer in the young earth theory of creation (a literal interpretation of the Genesis creation story).  We’ve had a few classes at church where the teacher was a believer in the old earth theory that God created the world over several millennia, and talked about how to square that with the Genesis account of creation.  Until this week, I might have been content to let you believe that without making a big deal over it.

I do know that if God wanted to create the earth over some extended stretch of time, He could have done that.  If He wanted to create the earth with a big bang, He could have done that.  But, that’s not what He said He did.  And I see no reason to conjure up some story other than the one He gave me.*  My personal opinion is that if you do not take the seven-days-six-nights account of the creation literally, you are discounting the power of God to perform this miracle, and drawing into question all the rest of the miracles He claimed to perform.

One of my co-workers this week gave me an even stronger reason to stick with the literal interpretation of the creation account.  Prior to this, I was willing to let you believe in the old earth theory.  Now, I’m ready to tell you that if you stick with that story, you might be in jeopardy of rejecting the rest of God’s Word as well.  Strong words.  I’m NOT suggesting you are not a Christian, but I am suggesting you should examine your stance on this issue.

So, it goes like this.

The evolution story suggests, in short, that some gases mixed to form life and that life evolved over many millions of years – through all sorts of struggle, fighting, death, and destruction – to eventually land where we are today.

The creation story tells us that God created the earth and all it’s beings in six days (and rested on the seventh).  There is no suggestion in this story that these days are any thing other than what you and I normally understand a day to be (24 hours; the sun sets and rises; the earth turns once on its axis).  I Corinthians  15:21 and Romans 5:12 indicate that sin and death entered the world through man (Adam).  So, before that, there was no death and destruction.  A perfect world.

Now if God said (through Paul) there was no death and destruction during the time leading up to where we are now (that is, from the beginning of creation up to the existence of man) and the old-earth theory requires much death and destruction through the evolutionary process, wouldn’t that theory then make God a liar?  And do you really want to be in that camp?

*footnote: my short, quick rebuttal to the old earth theory and the geological evidence – there is no way for God to have created the earth that it did not appear to be old, He created an earth that was fully formed and ready for us to use, and our best scientific knowledge (i.e. our understanding of the evidence) is subject to some serious error and fallacy.  Not so with God’s Word.


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3 responses to “7 Days, 6 Nights

  • Dee Andrews

    I’m not really much of a scientist, but I DO have deep faith. Always have. Can’t remember that it ever faltered. I certainly have faltered, but God never did in my mind/heart. Many times I did not/have not understood what was going on around me or with me or in me or that unanswerable question “why?”, but I still believed in God – as God.

    I’m saying all of that to say that I’ve always believed that God created the earth, the universe, everything, the way He tells us He did. If He’s God – He can create anything to look like anything He wants, even old looking (the earth), in however long a “time” He wants to take.

    I know many people really get hung up on the age of the earth and all that’s in it, but I never have because I BELIEVE! John Clayton has for many, many years done an excellent job of setting out scientific facts to prove the existence of God to atheists and unbelievers. (Are you familiar with “Does God Exist?” If not, Google it and you’ll find John’s website(s) and work.

    Good post. Sorry I haven’t dropped by in so long. I’m more & more keeping up with everyone on FB, rather than blogs. I’ve cut way back on my own blog writing because of other constraints, but am trying to get back into it. I hope to get one written today or tomorrow.


  • Joe

    Well, you haven’t missed much. I haven’t been posting so much either – and having a hard time keeping up with other blogs, as well.

    I am familiar with John Clayton. Went to see him speak quite a few years ago (we lived in Arkansas then, so it could have been as long as 16 years ago). I like most of his stuff – very good evidences. BUT – he’s one of the “old earth creationists” who tries to squeeze the “apparent” scientific evidence into the Bible. I must say, however, he has studied this topic a LOT more than I have.

    My favorite resource used to be Apologetics Press, but I have not kept up with them. They drifted away from scientific evidences for a bit (started moving into “preaching”), but I haven’t checked back lately. Maybe that’s why I like Patrick Mead so much – he doesn’t “preach” much, but he sure does share a lot of what he knows.

  • Scientists and Preachers « Parapet Safety

    […] information on the evidence of a Creator (I disagree with his old earth theory, but that’s another blog), and I really like the way he defines the battle between creationists and evolutionists: […]

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