Prayerful, Joyful, Thankful

During the month of November, many of us posted, on Facebook, something we were thankful for each day.  Just before Thanksgiving day, Patrick Mead posted this comment:

Happy Thanksgiving to all my friends. Remember: you have to conscientiously practice joy and thankfulness to get good at them. Ready, set, go!

I had already been reflecting on the impact that posting a thanks giving note each day had made me more conscious of the gifts I’ve been given, and it made me more thoughtful each day of those gifts.  I found myself thinking of them throughout the day, and not just when I was on Facebook.

At the beginning of this year, our congregation began reading the chronological daily Bible together, and I re-discovered that being a faithful daily reader significantly reduced the impact of Satan’s temptations on me.  (duh!)

As we neared the end of November, and the end of our thanks giving posts, I started thinking about the impending Christmas season.  I know a lot of people (including me) want to hold off on celebrating Christmas until Thanksgiving is over.  But it occurred to me that these two celebrations really are inextricably bound together.  How can you spend an entire month giving thanks, and ignore the fact that we are about to celebrate the birth of the One to Whom all our thanks is due?

When Patrick Mead posted his note, one of his friends commented

I have 3 words written on my mirror to remind me… “prayerful, joyful, and thankful.” The reminder to practice has helped me a lot. The results of doing each of these is very noticeable.

That made me start thinking.  If I get back to being a diligent daily Bible reader (and the chronological Bible is a huge help with that), and I strive to post something on Facebook each day that is either prayerful, joyful, or thankful, there is just no telling what impact that could have on my life.

I’m a bit afraid to commit to you that I will post something every single day*, but I am willing to commit that every day I do post something on Facebook, I will endeavor to make it prayerful, joyful, or thankful.  For the month of December, I’ll try to focus on praise to Christ.  Thereafter, I’ll just go with whatever is praiseworthy.  Who’s with me?

*(Committing to a daily post is difficult for a few of reasons: (a) I’m terrible at daily commitments, (b) I don’t typically log in every day when I’m travelling, and (c) once in a while I do try to practice an electronic fast and get away from this thing.)


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